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Professionally competent theory- and practical training
Structured, issue-focused and goal-oriented training
in accordance with individual capabilities
Transfer of knowledge whilst taking into account modern
pedagogic principles together with suitable method
selection/method variety
Extra coaching and explaining for theory tests
New, topmodern driving school vehicle 01/2016
Volvo V40 D4 2.0 140KW / 190PS
(vehicle with automatic gearshift on request)
Tuition for taxi-driver test / theory and practice
(also possible on own vehicle)
Check-drive for senior citizens / persons taking up
driving again after a break
Current situation-analysis for learners
Centre for basic driving and traffic rules and
situations courses
Lessons in German, English or French
Preparation for check-test for foreign nationals
(not required for EU-/EFTA-states )
Driving lessons from Tuesday to Saturday
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