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driving lessons


Driving instruction with manual gearshift vehicle (automatic gearshift vehicle on request) in
German, French or English.

Driving instruction takes place on the left-hand side of the lake of Zurich as well as in the
area where the test is carried out, in order to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for
the practical driving test.

The practical driving lessons are designed to let you pass the test the first time, so as to
minimise the cost, the time spent and the risk of demotivation!

Meeting places for driving lessons vary, depending on how advanced the learner is. The lessons
take place where you live, or on the left-hand side of the lake of Zurich or in the city of Zurich.


A lesson lasts 50 minutes and includes :

  • Secondary theme
  • Main theme
  • Jointly discussed goal definition
  • Jointly discussed learning success check

You will receive a training form on which your individual lessons and progress are noted
and with which you can see at all times at what stage of your training you are.


Series of 20 lessons 20 x 50 Min. CHF  1700   / CHF 85 /h
Series of 15 lessons 15 x 50 Min. CHF  1290   / CHF 86 /h
Series of 10 lessons 10 x 50 Min. CHF  870   / CHF 87 /h
Series of 5 lessons 5 x 50 Min. CHF  445   / CHF 89 /h
Single lessons 1 x 50 Min. CHF  92  

If you have any further questions or would like to book driving lessons,
please use the web form.

Further information on the practical driving test can be seen here :

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