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check-test – Swiss licence for foreigners with foreign driving licence


A foreign driving licence is basically only valid for one year in Switzerland! After this period,
a foreign driving licence becomes invalid in Switzerland! If the holder of avalid foreign
driving licence wishes to obtain a Swiss driving licence, the following possibilities apply :

- Persons from the EU-/ EFTA-states can, within 5 years of entering Switzerland, exchange the
driving licence valid in their own country for a Swiss driving licence, without taking
a check-test. If this 5-year period is missed, a check-test is required.
- Within one year of entering Switzerland, persons from NON-EU-/ EFTA–states can exchange a
driving licence, valid in their own country, for a Swiss driving licence by doing a check-test.
If this 1-year period is missed, the foreign driving licence is no longer valid in Switzerland.
The result is a complete driving ban which applies to the whole of Switzerland!

At the conclusion of this 1-year period, the applicant for a Swiss driving licence can apply
to the Swiss Traffic Authority for a check-test, as long as the relevant requirements are
fulfilled. The administrative authority sets a period of grace of 3 months during which the
applicant can acquire the necessary competence even without an accompanying person, which, however,
is expressly not recommended. The applicant must also carry with him at all times during these
practice drives the declaration for the check-test from the administrative authority together with
his/her own valid foreign driving licence.

A check-test lasts 40 minutes. The following points will be tested :

  • Pre-instruction
  • Basic instruction
  • Main instruction
  • Perfectioning instruction

A failed / missed check-test cannot be repeated !
The result is a driving ban for Switzerland !

In order to be able to drive a car in Switzerland after a failed check-test, the entire training
of the relevant category must be absolved.

This means:

  • First Aid Course
  • Application for a provisional driving licence
  • Theory test
  • Traffic Rules and Situations instruction
  • Driving lessons
  • Practial driving test

Proper preparation with relevant time-planning is therefore very important ! We will support
you in this, so that you succed the first time and save time and money !


Driving lessons with own car CHF 82
(no driving school insurance necessary)
Driving lessons with driving school vehicle CHF 92
Administration fee CHF 130

If you have any further questions or would like to apply for the check-test,
please use the web form.

Further information regarding the transfer of a foreign driving licence can be obtained under:

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